Smart Media Technologies is making it’s own social network known as YOBSN. Not an ordinary name but a system that has very powerful branding and communication features to create relationships and grow a business.

What if you had your very own Facebook that you may use to market your business and communicate with the users of that system to create relationships and gain trust? A system you controlled the type of content your members see so that you may get the foremost exposure for your offers and product?

Smart Media Technologies YOBSN provides you that. YOBSN is brief for Your Own Branded Social Network. Here are some features that will be accessible.

Your own blog manage the content seen right on the page in full sight of your members write something regarding your company or different topics you would like to share. One place to store all of your videos and websites that can be accessed anytime by your members. Communication features that make it attainable to talk to your members send emails and chat in a personal way and publicly in real time.

This is simply some of the features that will be there. Please watch the video included to learn additional information on Smart Media Technologies and YOBSN.

Smart Media Technologies